Hello, and welcome to my website!

Who am I?

I am a postgraduate Masters by Research student at Swansea University. I also graduated from this university with a first in Marine Biology this summer.

Why did I start this website?

I started this website to help share some of the interesting facts I learnt during my undergraduate. I love everything related to marine biology (I’m even beginning to change my mind on plankton!), and I think its important to share what you find interesting. Hopefully, even if just a few people read this they will begin to find the marine world as bizarre and as fascinating as I do!

 Also, I get the pleasure of painting once a week and these paintings might make these posts a tad more interesting for everyone to too. I am not much of a writer, but I do enjoy refreshing my knowledge of a different species every week, and (if you can put up with my random ramblings) hopefully you will enjoy learning about them!

When do I post?

I aim to post every sunday, but for additional sneak peaks and updates follow me on twitter or Instagram.

What places will I find the species from this site?

I live in Swansea, UK, but I have also spent a lot of time exploring the beaches in Kent where I am originally from. So most of the locations will be from these areas, but most species will be common across most shores in the UK.

I also had the amazing opportunity to visit Puerto Rico for two weeks in January so every now and again a post will be about the beautiful tropical species you find out there (just to you know.. make everyone a bit jealous every once in a while!)

Why do I like rock pooling and species ID so much?

As a kid rock pooling was one of the best days out for me and my family, and as an adult nothing has changed! Except now I have to refer to species by their latin names! Going down to a rock pool and trying to catch crabs, getting freezing cold and having hot chocolate is great fun! But by learning about the species you are seeing and how they can be identified can make a day rock pooling even more interesting!  You will begin to notice tons of species that you’ve never seen before!

Also I tend to personify marine species (well… almost anything actually!) far too much, so by going down to the shore I can have a good laugh at all the bizarre little creatures I tend to name. Honestly, everyone should do this, it make life ALOT more interesting! (See Jeffrey and Gertrude and Bernard)

What can I use this site for?

There are lots of other sites that can help you with really specific ID, and lots of sites that just cover the bare minimum! I am hoping this site will be the middle ground! The information I put on here, is random facts and very basic information about the species. It is the perfect website to read just before taking your family rock pooling to get an idea of the cool species your going to see! I will post enough information so you can accurately ID species, but not in the confusing terminology of some ID books!

Basically … if you’ve just come back from rock pooling and your confused about what that weird stripy shell was, check out this site!

What do I use to do my art?

I usually use watercolour and pen. I have this gorgeous set of watercolour from my grandparents when I was younger, and my mums always been into art, so I have been lucky to have had the chance to practice quite a bit with this type of paint! But every now and again I love to get super messy and do a big acrylic painting!! Also,  if I can find the patience I have done digital art in the past, so one or two of those might pop up?

How can I be contacted?

If you have any questions email me at marinemumbles@gmail.com or tweet me @marinemumbles. Please remember, this my best shot at species ID, but if I have got anything wrong please let me know! It can be tricky and I’m no where near perfect! I am also open to feedback and would love to hear your opinions on how you find my site.

Can I use your photos or art?

All my photos and illustrations have been taken/drawn by me. They therefore cannot be used without my permission. Please contact me on the above email if you ever want to discuss using any of the images on this site.