About This Site

Honestly, this site was started to keep me sane.  


It was started in the last year of my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology. I loved my course and I loved drawing, but I would  be lying if I said my final year wasn’t stressful.

To give myself a few hours of relaxation a week, the idea to start this website was born! I could draw and write about marine species, which I love to do, outside the pressure of my more formal degree training and this website provided a space to share that.

However,  since this website creation in 2016, my aim of just having somewhere to place my art has strecthed a bit further…


I want this site to be a place to showcase and inspire people to learn, read, go out and see the amazing marine life we have here in the UK. From whales to multicoloured sea slugs, I feel like British coastlines have it all! 

Despite exploring rocky shores from a child, until I did my undergraduate degree I barely knew any of the species on our shores -let alone there awesome life traits, fierce survival stratergies and odd habits. Now coming out the other side of my degree, and continuing to study our shores,  I  want to share what I have learnt/learning with you.


With this site I am to provide exciting ways to share the stories of sea creatures whether through illustrations, blog posts or videos! 

Every weekly post, which is posted on a Wednesday, is aimed at a wide audience, with all ages being able to learn something new each week.

All illustrations are drawn or painted by me, from reference images collected from the internet, my own photography or books. 

They are as scientfically acurate as I can make them, with some artistic licesnse to emphasise features used for identification.

I do not do art professionally, I just really really like it as a hobby. 

All the materials I use for each piece will be stated in the post or the video they are used in but generally:

I sketch with mechanical HB pencils. I paint mainly with Windsor and Newton Water colours but dabble with acrlyic too. I outline with black ink pens of various brands.

All photos and videos are recorded on a GoPro Hero 3, phone or a Cannon 9XMII.

All art and photos (unless stated) have been drawn or taken by me. 

They cannot be used without my permission and credit given to me. 

 Happy to be contacted about any projects where you would like to include my art, see below email.


About Me 


All you really need to know is that I am never happier then when I am wearing my fleece, wellies and waterproofs rummaging around in rockpools!

But just in case your intested here is a few facts about me below….